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This site proves, through logical analysis of Quran and Hadith and history of Islam, that Islam itself is the cause of Muslim terrorism. Therefore, the solution suggested here is: expose the violent character of Islam, boycott it and finally ban it.

Let me explain the contents of this site one by one.

The tab "Articles" contains all the articles.

The article "The Cause and Solution of Terrorism",
which is the main article of this site, proves logically that the source of Islamic terrorism is Islam itself.
All the myths regarding Islam being a peaceful religion have been exploded in this article. The article also shows how Islam is a criminal ideology, how Quran and Hadith are manuals of terrorism, why Islam was invented, why a global campaign to expose this murderous ideology is necessary, why Islam must be derecognized as a religion and why Islam must be banned and boycotted by all civilized societies.

The violent history of Islam driven by the ideology of forcibly converting unbelievers into Islam or subjugating them or killing them -- from Muhammad to Osama bin Laden - from 622AD till this day - spanning across the world has been given in the article "History of Islamic Terrorism across the world".

Irrefutable historical evidence of Islamic terrorism (what Muslims call "Jihad") against India during the medieval period in the words of Islamic historians, rulers and Islamic monuments themselves has been compiled in the article "Jihad against India with Historical Evidence".

The article"Why Non-alignment cannot fight terrorism" exposes the shortcomings of the most popular foreign policy of the world in fighting Islamic terrorism.

The tab "What Islam says on unbelievers" has the compilation of the poisonous views of Quran and Hadith on unbelievers openly preaching for killing or subjugating unbelievers. This is based on my personal study of the on-line version of Quran and Hadith from beginning to end. It also has another compilation of the thoughts of some most influential Islamic scholars, rulers and historians justifying jihad.

"Links" takes you to some of the best sites and books which expose the irrationality and violence of Islam.

The tab "Interact" is for readers: they may ask questions or express their views on any topic related to the theme of this site through e-mail.
Who am I? Well, I am Anand from India. A free lance thinker and writer. I believe that so long as there is Islam, there would be terrorism. Terrorism is an essential core of Islam. I have proved this, beyond any doubt, in the articles of this web site.

I feel concerned about the wickedness of Islamic terrorism and wish to expose its inherent irrationality, violence and its incompatibility with the civilized world.

I believe in Human Rights as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the UN, Secularism, Democracy, free market economy and power of Science & technology.

So, come, read, think and
express your views

Rid the World of the scourge called Islam
Before you & I are its next victims!

Above all,
Fight Islam by propagating its
irrationality and violence! Spread
these words wherever you can!!

India February, 2007

Vote for this site!

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